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"You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you."

Isadora Duncan


The writing on this site is directed towards women who are aged 50 and over who have a very strong desire and drive to live with joy, and be ageless in mind, spirit and body.

We share a desire to learn, grow, challenge our mind, spirit and body, and continue to do what we love to do for the rest of our lives.

And have fun.

We are also at that age (or thinking about) big life changes that are looming or are already here, in work, family, and health; we are at a point of taking stock of what is, and isn’t, working in our lives.

We want to offer our best, knowing sometimes we will fall short of the mark, even if it is in our own eyes only.

We are the baby boomers – children of the sixties – and we’ve seen a lot. We remember what rock and roll was like before the corporations ruined it. Our coming of age was about flower power, free love (and birth control); our mythology is Woodstock and missions to the moon.

We have also seen more than enough of corruption, greed, ugliness, destruction and violence. We worry about those that have too much and those that have too little. We worry for the future of our children. We worry about the safety of our food, the welfare of animals and the health of the planet. We live with a cynicism and distrust but we are also trying to keep our hearts open, trying to find grace and beauty around us. It is there!

Sometimes we take inspiration in the amazing creative energy of some of those who are coming of age today; other times we find it in remembering the fearless people of our own youth.

We are finding our voices.

We are reclaiming our wildness.

How I Became a Minimalist Traveler

The last few times I traveled (both week long trips) I took only a small backpack with me in addition to my purse. The big question my friends asked when I arrived was, “how do you travel so light?” I have two secrets for packing light but the backpack...
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4 Ways to Improve your Breast Health

Optimal health in any area of your body requires three things to flow: Blood, electricity and lymph. Blood delivers oxygen to the cells, electricity innervates them, and the lymph system drains waste material from them. The lymphatic system is our second circulatory...
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Autumn, Giving Thanks, and Breath Work

The season of Autumn is connected with the element of Metal in Chinese medicine and is related to gratitude and letting go of things you no longer need: of ideas that are limiting, of regrets, old hurts, grief and a sense of loss. If you desire to experience more...
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Review of Soft Star’s New Hawthorne Chukka Boot

When I was a teenager I had a pair of sandy-suede Desert boots, a.k.a. Chukkas. I regretted for a long time not having those boots any longer, but now I have a new pair: *The Hawthorne Chukka by Soft Star Shoes. I consulted Wikipedia on the difference between a Desert...
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Minimalist Shoes

Also called Barefoot Shoes, minimalist shoes are a special category of minimalism because they have a different meaning than what we usually mean by minimalism. With minimalism the goal is to have fewer material things. Minimalist footwear could mean owning fewer...
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