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Movement Medicine

The Missing Manual for your body! Alignment, how our bodies are designed to move, and the science of Biomechanics.


Movement Medicine

Barefoot movement to music incorporating dance arts, martial arts and healing arts.

The Nia Technique

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Living in wellness with a fusion of environmental psychology, feng shui, lifestyle coaching. My eCourses are your opportunity to create healing movement in your life.


Recent Blog Posts

Picture my week 7.23.14

A week of very hot weather followed by moody skies, perfect for walks and atmospheric photographs. I wasn’t really sure I’d like living in Vancouver but who could resist these scenes? A few of my favourites:


and furthermore, for making my life easier, I nominate:

  1. This reversible top from MEC made my week: Less clothing to pack for trips while offering variety.
  2. My web theme’s blog because I don’t have the time or inclination to do research. (I use Elegant Themes).
  3. This app for being a quick and effective way to show someone their skeletal alignment. Because sometimes a simple photograph can say it so clearly.



Why Align?

I am on the last two week stretch before I go to the United States to complete certification course on Restorative Exercise. I’ve been focused on the boat load of new information coming in and trying to remember it, all the while knowing that there is so much more to learn. The way the human body functions is fascinating. Like, did you know that shorter women have (traditionally) higher incidence of osteoporosis?  Can you guess why?

The answer to that question is really why I decided to take up this course of study. It is because just about all of the other things I was doing were harming my body: namely a lot of repetitive motion – even when I wasn’t really moving much. Sitting and typing are repetitive actions involving a very small range of motion. Even wearing shoes is a repetitive motion compared to the amount of movement your feet would get if they were barefoot on the natural terrain. Shoes are like putting mittens on your hands and trying to write. You can do it but only with a fraction of the mobility that would otherwise be available to you.

Most of the diseases we get (about 90%) are self-induced through the way we move – or don’t.  Some of the crazy stuff we get up to are cultural and some are habits. The diseases of affluence like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes are largely caused by lack of movement: sitting at desks, browsing the web, driving everywhere, watching TV, you know, just ordinary things.

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Picture my Week 6.30.14

It was rainy and a bit chilly, which really meant the beaches along the English Bay seawall were relatively deserted: all the better to enjoy my quiet walks. These are some of the things that made this week special:


All I want to do is restorative exercise

There was a time in my life when all I wanted to do was yoga.  I was an advanced student taking teaching training and I was in pretty fine shape, physically and mentally, right up to the moment when I got an injury during a yoga class. After that almost everything changed; there were a lot of  times when I walked with a limp and could barely navigate a set of stairs. I seriously wondered whether I would end up in a wheelchair.

Everything I did aggravated the injury because I didn’t understand that my large range of motion was hurting me. Even if I did understand how being hyper-flexible contributed to the instability and overuse of my joints, it’s not like I could just turn it off, and there weren’t any teachers or tools that I knew of at that time to educate me.Walking There was potential for that in Yoga – in workshops I took when I was given a glimpse into biomechanics even if I didn’t know that’s what it was then. My all time favourite moment was when our teacher had two students stand back to back and asked us to observe who was taller and who had longer legs. The shorter person had longer legs. And we were asked how that would change the way they did asana. Whoa!

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