Are you ready for a movement paradigm shift?
…by changing your focus from exercise to alignment and natural movement?

Are you ready to address what is really important?
…to be happier, healthier and have more energy?

Are you ready for change?
to simplify your life,
release clutter and become more purpose-driven?

Are you ready to begin unconditionally loving yourself?
…by living a deeply value-driven life?


Renew is a program designed for women in their 50s who are transitioning into a new phase of their life. It helps them get really clear about what their future looks like and put a plan into action.


MoveLab: corrective exercise that brings awareness of how you move habitually and introduces specific and mindful movement so that you can do more, be stronger, more balanced, and pain free.


In my popular e-courses based on feng shui you will be guided to live an on-purpose, value-driven life that is clutter-free, vibrant, healthy, and surrounded by your ‘best’.

Is this you?

peace-of-mind-349815_1280You are a women over 50 who has a very strong desire and drive to live with joy, be ageless in mind, spirit and body, and continue to do what you love to do for the rest of your life. You want to continue to grow, have fun, and challenge your mind and body but you don’t know where to start. You might be experiencing some big life changes in work, family, and health. You are at a point of taking stock of what is, and isn’t, working in your life.

If this resonates with you check out our Renew program here.

Meet Deborah

Deborah RedfernMy life has been a bit on the unconventional side and I’ve done some things other women my age have done ‘out of order’, and other things, not at all. For example: I married young and then quit my secure (but boring) job at the university and got a university degree in English.

My working life has mostly been self employed, but I did work in social action for a number of years. I worked as a counselor in women’s shelters, YM/YWCA programs, and Status of Women outreach programs.

As a teacher I’ve taught classes in yoga, aromatherapy, feng shui and Nia Technique dance movement, all in all over 30 years of experience.

I’ve also done some writing and publishing, and am author of two books and four online courses. Currently, I am certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and Certified Personal Trainer.


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