Renew & RestoreAre you wishing for more enjoyment from life?
Do you a want to be happier, healthier and have more energy?

Are you ready for change?
Do you want to simplify your life,
release the clutter and become more purpose-driven?

Are you ready for a movement paradigm shift
…by shifting your focus from exercise to alignment and natural movement?

Are you ready to begin unconditionally loving yourself
…by living a deeply value-driven life?


I work with women in their 50s who are transitioning into a new phase of their life. I help them get really clear about what their future looks like and put a plan into action.


Restore guides you to learn the alignment points and your muscular tension patterns, so that you can become stronger, more balanced, agile and mobile, and get rid of pain.


I offer 3 e-courses and 2 ebooks so that you can surround yourself with your ‘Best’ and feel completely worth it! You will save time, money and free blocked energy by getting rid of the low level stressors in your home and life-style.

Recent Blog Posts

Road Map of Beauty

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Why Clutter Clearing is Ongoing

Whenever I clean, I pull out a few items that I haven’t used in a while and set them aside to dispose of. Usually I take them to my local thrift shop that supports Seniors. When I do a bigger clean (like my wardrobe) I always find things to part with –... read more

Long Weekend Nature Walks

It is Victoria Day Weekend in Canada: the first long weekend that officially kicks off the summer. Regardless of the weather. We tossed around a few possibilities for an activity and ruled out a road trip. We thought of going to Saltspring Island for the Saturday... read more

Is this you?

You are a women over 50 who has a very strong desire and drive to live with joy, be ageless in mind, spirit and body, and continue to do what you love to do for the rest of your life. You want to continue to grow, have fun, and challenge your mind and body but you don’t know where to start. You might be experiencing some big life changes in work, family, and health. You are at a point of taking stock of what is, and isn’t, working in your life.

About Me

I’m Deborah Redfern, a self-healing advocate, author and on-line course developer.

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