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Hello, I’m Deborah Redfern. I am a writer, self-healing advocate and soon-to-be practitioner of Restorative Exercise™. I believe in healing movement and to this end I offer an educational program, corrective exercise, and movement-to-music practice. I invite you to explore, participate and share!

I am an author, researcher and self-healing advocate – See more at:
I am an author, researcher and self-healing advocate – See more at:

Restorative Exercise

Restorative Exercise™ focuses on alignment through the science of biomechanics with the goal of pain-free living and optimal human function. It’s the ‘missing’ User Manual for your body!

Restorative Dance

whole body movement to music incorporating:

dance-like movements • alignment • freedom of expression • mindfulness

Coming Soon

Healthy Living

Living in wellness with a fusion of environmental psychology, feng shui, lifestyle coaching. My eCourses are your opportunity to create healing movement in your life.


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